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Seth's Story

Former Rocksteady student, Seth Grey (17), became a finalist for 'International Young Guitarist of the Year' after starting Rocksteady at six years old.

Seth's Rocksteady journey

Seth was only six years old when Rocksteady visited his school to run a free live assembly and music workshop. Already playing instruments at home, he jumped at the chance to take part in lessons to develop his skills and play in a band.

Playing keyboard at first and later switching to guitar, Seth just loved learning instruments in such a fun environment. Although it was about far more than that.

"Teamwork and perseverance were just some of the skills Rocksteady taught me. To learn some of the trickier songs, you really needed to work together and being part of a band helped to push me on and get me to where I am today."

Seth and his former Rocksteady bandmates went on to perform at several live events, having a lot of fun along the way. "Rocksteady opened up a whole new world of music and friendship for me" Seth explains. "I built friendships that lasted way beyond the lessons themselves and the experience inspired me to explore different genres and artists, that have since influenced my own music."

Today his compositions focus on a unique blend of classical orchestral and metal music, and it was this unusual sound that earned him a top five spot in the 'Young Guitarist of the Year' competition.


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