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James's Story

James, year 6, has a true rock star story. He faces many daily challenges, but this hasn't stopped him rocking out with his band mates. Read his story.

A confidence booster

Diagnosed with Autism, a sensory processing disorder, Irlen Syndrome, ADHD, Hypermobility, Anxiety, and some coordination problems, James has many daily challenges, however Rocksteady has been great for boosting his confidence. Having originally started learning on guitar, then later switching to drums, James can't wait for his lessons as his Mum Kirsty explains:

"James absolutely loves it and it's been great for him. His confidence has improved, and it really helps him with his mindfulness and he's able to sit and focus on something and then show others what he's learnt. Hearing him practice the drums, whilst singing and cheering is brilliant."

Building relationships

James's conditions mean that he needs things explained as simply as possible, and he may not ask for help when he needs it, but this hasn't been a problem as Kirsty adds:

"His teacher is fantastic. We regularly talk about changes to James' needs and any other information that will help them work better together. It's just so easy and it gives James something to look forward to each week."

Keep rockin' James!


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