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Holly and Emily's Story

Sister's, Holly and Emily, years 4 and 6, have developed a serious passion for music as a result of their Rocksteady experience.

Overcoming anxiety

Both sisters have greatly benefitted from the lessons and concerts, but for Emily in particular, it's helped her overcome anxiety issues. Learning new skills and performing in front of others has provided a massive boost to the girls, and their family thinks it will help them in their future careers.

Their Dad, Chris is so proud "Emily and Holly really love being part of the lessons and feel like real stars on stage. Emily suffers from anxiety, so to see her up on stage is fantastic and seeing Emily and Holly up there brought me and my parents to tears!"

Celebrating achievements

"Their interest in music is largely down to the lessons. Rocksteady is up there with the best money I've ever spent."

"I still watch their concerts back often" adds Chris. Especially the one where Holly is playing solo. You can actually hear her 'Pops' (grandfather) crying on the video and my parents went straight out and bought her an electric drum kit after the show."


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