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Harry's Story

Harry previously disliked going to school as his anxiety would often be so overwhelming that he struggled to leave the house. Read Harry's journey.

Building confidence

Having been introduced to Rocksteady through a school bursary place, Harry has been learning the electric guitar and this has provided a real lifeline for him, as Mum Nicky explains:

"Rocksteady has given Harry a great escape from everything and it means that he looks forward to going into school all week, just for his band lesson on a Thursday."

She continues "It gives him an opportunity to spend time with children that he otherwise wouldn't know how to approach, and he gets an instant reward as he sees his skills as a musician improve each week. He's not just learning guitar though; teamwork, confidence and not giving up are all skills that will be with him for life and will shape who he is as an adult."

The end of term performance

Harry is thriving with Rocksteady, Mum Nicky says: "Watching him perform at his concert was an amazing experience, my rock star in training!"


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